Words From The Wise

X-pert 53 is centred around discovering how Fujifilm X-Photographers and similar professional photographers use the XF35mm lenses and to what end, be that for personal or professional work. 

It also involves ascertaining any photographic examples from them in the hope that what they share will help inspire fellow XF35mm users in their practice and in what they can produce with their lenses. These photographers would be the 53mm bench mark.

The information gained from each photographer has been acquired from a specific 53mm interview that has asked them to comment on their experience and practices with each lens as well speak about their thoughts on them too. To back up their answers, images have been kindly donated to help further inspire 53mm followers to go shoot with each of the XF35mm lenses with renewed gusto and vision.


Banner photograph is used with kind permission from Jonas Rask