53mm Ambassadors

53mm is all about photographers who enjoy using the Fuji XF35mm lenses.

Hand picked from the _53mm_ Instagram feed, the 53mm roster of ambassador photographers have demonstrated inspired ways in which to utilise these lenses helping to produce the distinct series of photographs that make up 53mm's social media portfolio.  

The following series of photographs, selected by each photograper, has been exclusively taken for the 53mm website and aims to further demonstrate, showcase and inspire the versatility of the Fuji XF35mm lenses.

Enter the 53RD COLLECTIVE.


  Iain Palmer  UK

Iain Palmer UK

  Bill Brussard  USA

Bill Brussard USA

  Thai Yong Wong  Singapore

Thai Yong Wong Singapore

  Thomas Noreng  Norway

Thomas Noreng Norway

  Jarrod Pimental  USA

Jarrod Pimental USA

  Milovan Pavicevic  Montenegro

Milovan Pavicevic Montenegro

  Aaron Bird  USA

Aaron Bird USA

Banner photograph is used with kind permission from Milovan Pavicevic