Jarrod Pimental

My name is Jarred Pimental and I am a 31 year old photographer born and raised in Plymouth, MA. Living life has always been my main focus. I split my time between photography, skateboarding, surfing, building an RV, guitar, metallurgy and family. In 2015 I got my first mirrorless camera, a Fuji X100S. It's small size and weight made it  a daily carry for me, which really elevated my photography. I have since found a favourite lens in the XF35mm F/2 on my Fuji X-Pro2. I'm usually a landscape photographer, shooting wide focal lengths but the XF35s size and weight make it a daily carry all around town. With the XF35 I'm usually looking for dramatic light or textures in hope of making an inspiring photo. Nothing is better than seeing a photo and instantly being inspired to go out and shoot.