Iain Palmer

My name is Iain Palmer and I am a 40 year old Dad, husband, teacher, singer and photographer. My workhorse of choice is my Graphite Silver Edition Fuji X-T1 which yields both the XF35mm f/1.4 and XF35mm f/2 lenses, all of which I now exclusively shoot with. I particularly enjoy taking photos of my two boys but I also like to dabble in portraiture too, which after much experimentation, is fast becoming my preferred genre in photography. My outright photographic role model is Saul Leiter but I also greatly admire the work of Connie Zhou and Peter Zelewski who both inspire me to push the boundaries of my photography beyond their limits.

Thai Yong Wong

I'm a 23 year old student and photography hobbyist from Singapore, where I was born and bred. I strive to capture the beauty of things around me as they are, and consequently my style varies widely to the environment in which I'm shooting. While I enjoy shooting landscapes when I'm travelling, back home in the concrete jungle that is Singapore my work mostly involves an amalgamation of black and white urban geometry and street photography. And well, the beauty of the XF35mm f/2 lens is that it lets me do both.

Milovan Pavicevic

I was shamelessly born at this very moment and died with dignity a few years ago. I'm a childish and reckless wanderer of vivid landscapes of multilayered sarcasm. A hit man you do not want to be shot by. An irrational fountain of egocentric freedom or a 30 year old child who lives in Montenegro, loves chocolate, technology and spending days capturing life around me.

Thomas Noreng

Thomas holds a MA Industrial design from the Aarhus School of Architecture, and lives in Oslo, Norway, with his spouse and their two sons

 I once had a SLR camera and shot a lot of Fuji film. Many years (and cameras) later, I shoot the Fujifilm x-t1. I have few Fujinon lenses, and the fx35mm 1.4 is my favourite. This combo has turned photography into a serious hobby, and it goes wherever I go. My sons will often be found in my pictures, but I´m also a keen landscape- and streetphotographer, and will spend any free time hunting for the right light and scene to capture.

Aaron Bird

My name is Aaron Bird and I am a family man, wannabe National Geographic travel & adventure photographer and armchair photography fan living in sunny (and drought ridden) southern California. Blessed with an ordinary life.

I shoot with a Fujifilm X-E2 and XF 16mm f/1.4, XF 35mm f/1.4, and rarely the XF 18-55 f/2.8-4. The 35mm is my preferred lens.

Jarrod Pimental

My name is Jarred Pimental and I am a 31 year old photographer born and raised in Plymouth, MA. Living life has always been my main focus. I split my time between photography, skateboarding, surfing, building an RV, guitar, metallurgy and family. In 2015 I got my first mirrorless camera, a Fuji X100S. It's small size and weight made it  a daily carry for me, which really elevated my photography. I have since found a favourite lens in the XF35mm F/2 on my Fuji X-Pro2. I'm usually a landscape photographer, shooting wide focal lengths but the XF35s size and weight make it a daily carry all around town. With the XF35 I'm usually looking for dramatic light or textures in hope of making an inspiring photo. Nothing is better than seeing a photo and instantly being inspired to go out and shoot.

Bill Brussard

My name is Bill Brussard and I am a Photographer living in Seattle Washington.
I respond to vibrant color events and dynamic chiaroscuro in my work. 
I use the Fujifilm X100T and combine it with the TCL-x100 teleconverter to give me a 53mm field of view. 
I find this setup ideal for additional reach and inspiration.

When I am not out pursuing photography I work as a freelance motion picture/production jack of all trades...
Before all this I worked in movies as a Grip and Gaffer, an independent Filmmaker, a Director of Photography (cinematographer) for PBS, 
and most recently a Television News Affiliate Photographer, Assignment Editor and non-linear Lead Editor.

Yet I always return to my muse...still photography