Portfolio II


The 53RD COLLECTIVE: Thai Yong Wong

"Travel photography" is a term I've long struggled to grapple with, and my views on what it means have changed drastically since I first began shooting on a holiday.  No longer obsessed only about landscapes, I've come to learn that "travel photography" entails any sort of photography that seeks to capture - forgive the cliché - the essence of the place visited and shot.

Armed with an X-Pro 1 and the XF35mm f/2 lens, I sought to put my newly formed definitions of "travel photography" to the test in Hokkaido, Japan, where I visited this summer. These pictures were the product of my efforts to capture a broader range of photos with more varied styles, each in the hope of capturing (and communicating) the different facets of Hokkaido I saw. The pictures reminded me not only of the beautiful place that Hokkaido is, but also of all the emotions and well, vibes which the place evoked in me - and I can only hope it does the same for you too. I hope you enjoy them!