12x53 Fashion Photography Round Award Winner

Zsolt Seres


Winning shot as chosen by Fujifilm X-Photographer, Eivind Røhne

A foreword:

This round wasn't exactly packed with entries, but even so, I loved looking at each end every one of the entries that came in. Picking the top three wasn't just easy, and I went a few rounds with myself choosing and sorting the top three images. I think all three are very good images, with different qualities and quite different expressions. 

Eivind Wrote: 

"Great use of the location and the light! Everything is really simplified down to just lines and light, and everything about the composition is very strict. I love it. Even though the model is quite small in the frame, it's all about the clothes, shoes and the bag. Well done!"



Photograph used with kind permission from Jonas Rask