12x53 Storytelling Photography Round Award Winner

Milovan Pavicevic


Winning shot as chosen by Fujifilm X-Photographer, Patrick La Roque

A Foreword:

Patrick shared a splendid foreword before sharing his results.

I imagine every judge has probably said the same thing but...this was hard. It really was. Drilling down to just 4 images was an exercice in heartbreak and I want to thank each and everyone who participated—it was an honour to sift through so many great captures. I do have to mention that choosing a single winning picture goes against my nature. For two reasons:

  1. It highlights a spirit of competition that I don't necessarily enjoy (even if I do understand the idea of a challenge).

  2. I'm not a single image guy. Storytelling for me is about an ensemble, connections between a series of photographs, the flow and rhythm this creates.

With this in mind, I realize—looking at my choices—that those instincts came into play in my de- cision process. The four images share an intrinsic connection in terms of mood and message: they all center around a single, lonely subject whose gaze avoids direct contact with the camera. They also all—in my view at least—suggest questions: these are moments in a state of flux, forcing us to try and guess at what might happen next. Stories evolve through time, so in this context I be- lieve it makes sense for a single image to be open ended, as opposed to telling us every single thing we need to know. 

Patrick's Winning comment: 

"Although extremely simple, this image goes at the core of what I believe photography should be about: emotion above technical prowess. Not to say it's technically flawed—it isn't—but this is an image that succeeds merely through ambiance. In this case we feel uneasy, wondering what lies outside the frame. Why is this man sitting in his car? What is he looking at and where is he headed? Where is he parked and what has he done? It's a cinematic moment heightened by the indirect use of the rear view mirror, the partial view of the subject and the dark shadows that sur- round him. Essentially, we're thrown in the midst of an ongoing story, a movie perhaps. It sparks the imagination and leaves us wanting. Sometimes the story is best left to the viewers."

Final Words

Patrick wanted to deliver this final note to ALL who entered this months competition.

I want to thank Iain again for the wonderful community he's building and this opportunity to judge such a stellar set of images. Congratulations to all of you :) 



Photograph used with kind permission from Jonas Rask