12x53 Landscape Round Award Winner

Aleks Corke


Winning shot as chosen by Fujifilm X-Photographer, Palle Schultz

Palle Wrote: 

"This one caught me from the start. I couldn’t figure out, looking on my phone, if it was reflections or a new structure being build with Tarpaulin hanging down in front of it, or it was just reflected light og the sun shining through another building, leaving the impression of windows on the wall. It is graded beautifully and the colours are nice and subtle. It’s both a simple and complex image and is highly captivating to me."

Final words

Palle wanted to deliver this final note to ALL who entered this months competition.

Landscape with a 50mm equivalent lens, is a bit of a challenge. It isn’t most photographers go-to focal length, when it comes to that particular exercise. 
Same goes with urban environments. So I’m pleasantly surprised about the many fine entries of Octobers landscape / Urban environment challenge, 
I’ve been judging a few photo competitions and I find it terribly terrifying to do so. Who am I to judge other peoples work, and why would it matter?
But no matter what, I have to make the difficult choices and to do so I had to make up some sort of criteria, to lead me through the process. 
• I would totally disregard amount of likes. Some have many followers some have not. And it shouldn’t be a criteria. 
• I had to have an immediate emotional response of some sort.
• I would have to be able to remember it, and wanting to see it again. 
• I would want to print it and hang it on my wall
With those rules at hand, I chose my winners accordingly.
Thank you for all your fine posts. You might not agree with my choices and have your own favourites. And that is how it is. I’ll be looking forward to your future Instagram posts as an inspiration to my own work. 
Happy shooting 
Palle Schultz


Photograph used with kind permission from Jonas Rask