12x53 Monochrome Round Award Winner

Erik Cheng


Winning shot as chosen by Fujifilm X-Photographer, Jonas Rask

Jonas wrote:

"This portrait image realley stood out to me. The longer I look at it, the more I feel part of the thoughts of the subject. Her closed eyes only adds the ability for me to interpret her thoughts. Is she angry? Is she happy? Is she just thoughtless? The fact that her skin is not retouched, makes it a very honest portrait.

Subject matter in this picture really is outstanding!

Composition is spot on. Her hair gently towards her face, lit harshly from her right.

Tonality in the image is fantastic. We have all tones present here.

This image to me is masterful. One of the best portraits I've seen this year! Well done, Eric!"

Photograph used with kind permission from Jonas Rask