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Greetings from 53mm.

What a super second edition this is.

The past month has been an amazing start to the 53mm website and a fabulous continuation of the Instagram feed. The amount of followers of the feed has more than doubled which is astounding. However, that wouldn't have happened if it weren't for all of the dedicated followers and contributors of the 53mm initiative. So first and foremost may I say a huge thank you again to everyone who has participated in this happening, whether that be through contributing to the posts received on the feed or just following it. And to all those who have visited the website too, thank you, it really has been appreciated. And finally to all the fantastic Fuji-X Photographers and professional photographers who have offered their time and support into helping make the 53mm initiative start so positively, thank you so very much.

So what can you expect this month?

In 53mm Featured, I share the work of _53mm_ Instagram follower Emil Magnusson (@emilmagn), exploring his use of XF35mm lenses through his street and conceptual photography.

Taking the X-pert 53 Interview, 53mm has 6 Fuji-X Photographers; Jonas Rask, Kevin Mullins, Uli Planz, Namour Filho, Elke Vogelsang and Palle Schultz all answer the 11 XF35mm specific questions for us as well as sharing a series of awe-inspiring XF35mm photographs. The anticipation of these interviews, I know, have created quite a buzz on the Instagram feed, so I hope you enjoy them. There are some brilliant insights into these experts uses of the XF35mm lenses.

In the 53RD COLLECTIVE, 53mm Ambassador Photographers continue to offer their inspirational takes on the uses of the XF35mm lenses and providing further insight into their application.

And I reveal the new Photo of the Month initiative, 12x53, which will launch on the first of August 2016 with none other than _53mm_ favourite, Jonas Rask judging the first round, concentrating on monochrome photography. 

Exciting times ahead.

Here's to edition 2 and your continued enjoyment of all things Fuji XF35mm.

Iain Palmer 

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Photograph of the Fuji X-T1 & XF35 f/2 lens as seen on the 'Welcome' page is used with kind permission from Jonas Rask

Banner photograph is used with kind permission from Jonas Rask too