_53mm_ IG Post Rethink

It wasn't so long ago that I explained how I was to change the way that I posted inspirational photos onto the_53mm_ Instagram feed. Time and responsibilities outside of the 53mm initiative meant that I had to scale down what I was doing in order to accommodate everything my life involved and ultimately begin to prioritise my efforts accordingly. For 53mm this represented my being able to offer only one fully comprehensive commentary of an xf35mm shot a day as a Photo of the Day and in an attempt to further the inspirational photographs for all who follow the feed to enjoy, thus sharing more of the work alloted, I would post a number of them with just a very simple and generic tag stating it's 53mm inspirational purpose.  This however, hasn't sat right with me ever since. I began 53mm with the aspiration of commenting on all of the shots in one way or another because I felt as if I wanted to demonstrate the personal connection I had with each shot and provide an explanation as to why each shot was included. I wanted to validate each entry and make each more than just a 'standard' repost. And so, with this fundamental memory in mind, I am going to adjust my posts yet again to hopefully and finally satisfy everything that needs contentment in order for my life in and outside of 53mm to function in peace. 

Some of you may already have noticed that the posts that aren't photos of the day now come with a sentence to explain why they have been chosen. This is a system that I am much happier with as I can do what I enjoying doing, that being writing about the images included in the 53mm IG feed and all whilst it being manageable and ultimately enjoyable. 

My wish is that that is good for the joy the 53mm massive too. I keep saying it but I do for good reason and sincerely, I cannot thank you all enough for following, supporting and contributing to 53mm. It really wouldn't be what it is without you all on board. 

Inspiration is the Intention.


The KAGE COLLECTIVE take over 53mm this August

In this August's website update, I have the privilege of announcing that members of the KAGE COLLECTIVE will be dominating the X-pert 53 Interviews. Derek Clark, Patrick LaRoque and Robert Catto will be joining Kevin Mullins amongst the fabulous array of Fuji-X and other professional Photographers that have already graced 53mm with their insights and experiences regarding their uses of the XF35mm lenses. There may even be a few other KAGE members still to join in. Watch this space.