Uli Planz - Round 2. Architecture

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Like jonas Rask before him in Round one Of The 12x53 Photo Of The Month Competition, Your Judge for the second round, uli planz, Has Kindly Submitted Some Much Valued Advice About Taking Successful architecture Photographs.

Try and take on board as much of the expert counsel as you can, because as far as this is guidance it might well be what Uli will be looking for in his winning shot too.

Hello and welcome to our little contest.
I work as a professional photographer and architecture photography is an important part of my work. Architecture is quite easy to shoot. It doesn't move and always stands still.
Of course the light is always changing, and that is your chance to capture that all important shot.
Frontlight, backlight, sidelight, shadows, sun, storm, dramatic cloudy skies or night-moods offers you many variations for your shots. You can catch a lot of different looks of the same building within one day.
A good architecture picture is well composed with carefully controlled lines and a kind of straight purism. Before you start shooting, leave your camera in the bag. Walk around the building, open your eyes to see it from different sides, get new perspectives or lie down on the ground to get a new view.  Try to feel and find out the „formal language“ of the architect.
Everything is allowed. There are no fixed rules. And nobody says that you always need an extreme wide angle lens for architecture photography.
I´m looking forward to your best pictures and many creative ideas.
Cheers, Uli