Patrick La Roque - Round 8. Storytelling Photography

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Photograph owned by Kage Collective

Photograph owned by Kage Collective

Your Judge For The Eighth Round Of The 53mm 12x53 Photo Of The Month Competition Is none other than Fujifilm x-photographer, Kage Collective member and Storytelling expert, Patrick La Roque. The Advice That Follows About Taking Successful storytelling Photographs Is, by admission, Following on from the stellar advice submitted by Fellow X-Photographer, Stephan Geyer in the documentary round. this is due to the very nature that both Stephan's and Patrick's Chosen fields in image making run almost parallel to one another. the tips that are added, not only embody Patrick's wonderfully Eloquent literary thread to them, but also includes his spin on the emotive nature that storytelling Photography asks of the photographer. Like Documentary photography, feeling the shot rather than preoccupying Oneself in the genre is the key for this round. If you are familiar with Patricks words and pictures, then you will really appreciate the support he Offers and looking at the images from His X-pert 53 interview for inspiration, one can get a gist of what he is looking for. This will be a very Special round indeed.

Try and take on board as much of the expert counsel as you can, because as far as this is guidance it might well be what Patrick will be looking for in his winning shot too.

When Iain contacted me to judge this month's contest, he sent me a link to Stephan Geyer's page from last year (round 4). As I read through his tips and recommendations, all I could do was Seriously, everything he writes in that post is spot on as far as I'm concerned. So first off I'd say go and read Stephan's words again. Yes, I'm being lazy ;)
I would also add to let go and not obsess on the word storytelling. Images, by their very nature, will be evocative if we allow them to exist fully, without attempting to constrain the subject too much. A picture is enriched by layers, interactions and even interference—because this is what we see every single day. We exist within confusion and expect life to be messy; it's only natural for our visual interpretation to follow along. Don't strive for perfection—technical or otherwise—but look for an emotional impulse. Images connect when they stir something within us and we can achieve this through beauty, order or chaos. There are no rules.
I'm honoured to be your judge for this round and ready to see this world through your eyes. Here we go :)