Nathan Elson - Round 6 Environmental Portraiture

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In Preparation For the 6th Round of the 12x53 Photo Of The Month Competition, which this month focuses on environmental Portraiture, Your Judge Nathan Elson Has Kindly Submitted Some Much Valued Advice About Taking Successful environmental Portrait Photographs. We couldn't have had Anyone better for this round and a great way to start 2017 for 53mm.

Try and take on board as much of the expert counsel as you can, because as far as this is guidance it might well be what Nathan will be looking for in his winning shot too.

Hey Everyone!
I'm excited to be a part of everyone's kick off to 2017.
As someone who's work is 99% portrait based, I love the challenge of trying to tell an entire story within one frame of an environmental portrait.
When shooting environmental portraits there are a few things that I like to do:
·      Walk the location - Anytime I arrive at a location I spend the first 10 minutes walking around, framing up possible shots to see what is working best and what would tell the most story. Depending on the location, the lighting can change dramatically over the course of a shoot, so pay attention to where the light should be falling at certain times of the day, and use that to your advantage.

·      Frame within a frame - I'm a huge fan of using the shapes within any given environment to frame my subject within the photo. It helps to tie the subject into the environment.

·      Light with purpose - Lighting can make or break an environmental portrait. Too much light and the subject doesn't tie in well with their environment, too little light and you lose the 'pop'.
I'm looking forward to seeing all of the entries. Let's kick 2017 off with a bang.