By Jan Sears


Connection. As humans we long for it. We require connection to feel that we belong. Without it,
we would be left alone, unable to interact the way we long to.

Bridges were constructed to do just that. Bring us closer together by creating a pathway where
once there only existed water or any of a number of natural elements that would otherwise not
allow easy contact. Whether it's large cities, a small town or any other man made location,
bridges in all their splendor are driven or walked on by millions everyday. I feel as though not
many see their importance and just how beautiful they are. In the San Francisco Bay Area, we
have 7 bridges, all of a slightly different design.

I am fortunate enough to get to view these man made wonders from the cockpit of an airplane.
With my trusty Fujifilm XT-1 and 35 f/2 at my side, these giant marvels of man kind reveal
themselves in ways that honestly can only be shown in a photograph. The shadows they cast
at the different times of day lend to a structure that creates its own joyful expression. It's that
expression I attempt to capture as I shoot from different angles and altitudes. Fog, clouds, rain
and light of every kind come together so differently every flight that I am able to bare witness to
the ever changing scenery below me. Monochromic images really suit this view, I feel, because
it removes distracting color and allows the viewer to witness the simple and lovely lines and
shapes that are created.

If you have never had the opportunity to shoot from a small plane, I highly recommend going to
your local small general aviation airport and have a pilot take you above the world you've
known so well from ground level to a space that allows so much diversity of sight. I guarantee
it will be an inspirational experience.

We take for granted these connections of landmasses but without them can you imagine our
world? I hope that through my images you are able to view these arteries as vital to the flow of
communication, connection and community.

All the best, Jan