Hyperion Camera Straps Are A Line Of Straps Created And Handmade By Pavlos Koutsoukos. 

When it comes to the accessories that we as photographers like to adorn our cameras with, the very best is what we aspire towards acquiring. In saying that however, there are many nice examples out there that really don't help our GAS addictions nor our bank accounts in our flawed attempts at keeping up with the camera 'Jones'. So called superior materials and finishes tempt us into paying above the odds or we find that the straps we ordered don't quite match the sales pitch we were sold. Worse still, these high prices don't do anything to reflect the poor workmanship we can experience as threads begin to fray and stitching becomes undone all too soon, leaving us with a sense of disappointment and frustration. Yet, to offer some equilibrium to this argument, there are some very good and well made straps available BUT these straps often come with that premium price tag; and yes, even if some photographers were to stipulate that paying a great amount for our camera bodies means we should treat them to something equally affording, then how far should one go or should one pay to satisfactorally even things out? And that's before even contemplating which colour. 

When should one stop?

I can say, in all honesty, that ALL that fuss, puff and nonsense, for me, can now stop after my receiving a Hyperion Handmade Camera Strap.

Pavlos's remarkable camera straps are a good place to put to rest this arduous job of searching for the holy grail of camera straps. When you come across a strap that is both well made AND at a price that you feel more like the maker is paying you to own it, then you are onto a winner. I would quite literally and very easily pay Pavlos double what he charges for his straps. They are that good. And I cannot thank him enough for making them so very affordable too.

From the first day I received my strap and fitted it to my X-Pro1 and XF35mm f1.4 setup I haven't looked back nor looked at another strap, except for what Hyperion strap to go for next. I won't be looking at any other camera strap maker again. In my time as a photographer, I have owned quite a few straps for the various digital and film cameras I have secured. Some have been quite extortionate in price and when adding to it the price of shipping, then one can pay a hefty fee for a strip of material embellished with rings and fasteners. To this day, none have delivered me total satisfaction, or I wouldn't be happy penning this review.

Put simply, Hyperion Straps just feel right is every way.

I have a short neck strap for my film camera and a longer version for the X-Pro1. The feel of the strap material on my neck is wonderfully smooth and comfortable. If there is movement then they glide fluidly and without the kind of friction that can cause irritation, a by product that some straps made from leather can present. The give that they offer gently allows the weight of the camera to hang nicely but doesn't cause the strap to over-stretch and lose shape, meaning that they just bounce back to their original condition. The finish is of the quality seen from more expensive strap brands, where the main body is of a cord calibre whose threads bind together beautifully and when wrapping the straps around your wrist, they do so effortlessly. This is a problem I have had with similar corded straps, in that they are awkward to wrap into position, but this is non-existant with the Hyperion range. They are a breeze to manoeuvre and manipulate. The binding that ties the ends of the straps together, providing the loop hole for the connection rings to your camera are also tight and skilfully finished adding to the stylish aesthetic that befits the strap. Additionally, folding the straps to fit into your camera bags is also very easy and the kinks, that I have noticed appear after continuous folding in other corded efforts, doesn't exist.

A Hyperion strap is one you can fit and then forget about, giving you the confidence that it will serve its function superbly and not let you down. The only real effort attached to these straps is your decision as to how long you want your strap to be and which colours to choose, as you can choose different colours for both the main body and the strap binding. And because there are so many to choose from, the combinations are vast, meaning that you haven't the fear of coming across someone else with the same mix. BUT, with Pavlos and his straps gaining more and more attention and recognition, getting your custom strap with your own unique blend could become a difficult task.

It is no surprise to me that photographers are purchasing Hyperion Straps. To me, it is a no brainer as they are of an amazing standard and are straps made by a photographer for photographers. For the mirrorless generation, in particular the Fuji X-Series System cameras, they are a match made in heaven. The wrist straps that are also available are perfect for the X70 and similar size Fujifilm bodies. For Street Photographers, they are an essential accessory but for the sort of photographer that uses cameras with larger, heavier lenses, they might not be the right choice and there will be more purposeful strap systems for these sorts of camera set ups.

For my X-Pro1 there won't be a better strap. Ever. If I were to purchase one of the newer Fuji camera iterations then Hyperion Straps would be on my list of imperative purchases to finish my set up. Pavlos and Hyperion straps have a great thing going and offer a superb product to photographers and like I said right at the beginning of this review, you are onto a winner owning one. Their fabulous affordablity is all thanks to Pavlos's genius theory behind their low cost,

Many people ask me why I sell so low. My answer is because I was fed up with the asking prices of similar products and because my goal is to have happy customers coming back for more. 

His strategy has more than worked on me. I'm a Hyperion Camera Strap user for life.


To purchase your own Hyperion Handmade Camera Strap, please click on this link: Hyperion Camera Straps