Flemming Bo Jensen

X-Pert 53 Gallery


Flemming bo jensen is a Fujifilm X-Photographer from Denmark. He is also an official red bull photographer and specialises in music photography.

I am so pleased that Flemming was able to do this. His contribution to the X-pert 53 Interviews not only completes 53mm's collection of superb Kage Collective's interviews but it also presents a unique insight into a fabulous genre of photography. Flemming admits to only coming out at night to mix amongst the various venues and events he visits to capture nightlife in the crowds or out of them from the varying perspectives of the performers, both from their booths or backstage. His insights into using the XF35mm lenses in this way therefore demonstrates their astounding ability to take great shots in low light. Flemming's work is truly inspired and anyone wanting to or is involved in music photography would be well advised to seek out his work and marvel at his adept skill within it. But with Flemming it doesn't stop there as he is also the author of a tremendously useful eBook entitled Get in the Loop that charts his role as a music photographer and also gives superlative advice on how to take greater music photographs for yourself. I have found this electronic publication a wonder to read and I cannot wait to try all that he instructs at my next gig. One cannot fail to achieve with his user friendly but in-depth accounts into getting started, camera and lens tips and post processing workflow suggestions to mention but a few and its price is a steal for the wealth of knowledge and professional insight that you get. Like his eBook, this interview celebrates his employment of the 53mm FOV, but it also presents an unparalleled take on the 53mm questions and one that hasn't been seen yet. Flemming wanted his work to do the talking, the describing, the explaining, the answering. His visual contribution is a generous array of shots that take a look into the life of a well renowned visionary using the Fuji XF35mm f/1.4 lens and I'm delighted with what he has shared with us. His photographs say it all. So without further ado...                                                                        

Here is Flemming's X-pert 53.