Vincent Baldensperger

X-Pert 53 Interview


Vincent Baldensperger Is A Fujifilm X-Photographer based in toulouse, france. He Is Also A Member Of The International Photographers Group, The Kage Collective (Pronounced Ka-Gay).

Vincent is also an accomplished graphic designer and this skill is very evident in his approach to photography. In the pieces you are about to see, his more still life styled photography has this graphic structure, inherent in design theory, intertwined with the photographic composition of his captures. Prolific in portraiture and utilising the XF35mm f/1.4 marvellously, Vincent should inspire the work of all artists and visual crafts people employing Fuji XF35mm lenses to push their photographic boundaries further to better their eye and technical prowess behind the lens and beyond it. 

Here is Vincent's X-pert 53.

1. What Genre Of Photography Do You Specialise In?

I have four favourite subjects in my role as a photographer:
Documentary and reporting

2. Why Do You Like Using The XF35mm Lenses?

The XF35 was one of my first purchases. I use it as much for portraiture, documenting, reporting, cooking and events.

3. What Do You Like Photographing The Best With Your XF35mm Lens/Lenses? Why Your Choice?

The XF35 is perfect for reporting and documentaries as well as for portraits.

Why Your Choice?

Principally for its focus equivalent to 50mm and for its aperture of 1.4, practical for low natural light.

4. Do You Shoot Professionally With The XF35mm Lenses?

Yes I use it for my professional work also for my personal research.

5. Fuji XF35mm F/1.4 Or Fuji XF35 F/2? Why Your Choice?

I haven’t tried the f2 and I am completely satisfied with the f1.4.

Why Your Choice?

Its aperture at 1.4 suits me perfectly.

6. How Often Do You Reach For Your XF35mm Lens/Lenses?

If I have understood the question (how many times do I use this) I actually use it very often.  More that the 23m or the 56mm.

7. Could You Live With Just An XF35mm Lens In Your Photography Bag?

If I had to keep only one, I will keep the XF35.

8. Do You Like To Use Available Light Or Studio Light With Your XF35mm Lens/Lenses?

Yes all my work done in studio with the XF35 is done with an Elinchrom Ranger Quadra.

9. What Fuji-X Camera Body Do You Prefer To Use The XF35mm Lenses On? Why Your Choice?

For several months I have used the XT-1 and now I use the XPRO-2.

Why Your Choice?

This choice is principally made according to the size of the sensor. 

10.Do You Have Any Favourite Photographs Using The XF35mm Lenses?

I will reply very simply to this question –Patrick LaRoque! (Kage Collective)

11.Finish This Line: The Fuji XF35mm Lenses Are…

.... very well constructed with an excellent quality, robust and reliable, easy to use.