Georgios Delimosis

X-Pert 53 Interview


Georgios Delimosis is a Fujifilm X-Photographer and painter from Greece.

At the time of writing this brief and introduction to Georgios's X-pert 53 Interview, he has just these past few months been awarded the accolade of becoming a Global Ambassador for Fujifilm Greece, and rightly so too. I first came across his work when noticing an outstanding portrait from the Fuji X Photography Facebook page. The series that he had posted were of the old lady that can be seen in the first of Georgios's photos found in this interview. 'Wow' was the word expressed and excitement followed there after once discovering that they involved being shot with the XF35mm lenses. From that moment on I knew 53mm had to interview him and here he is. I am honoured to have him take the 53mm interview and express so much passion for his photography and in particular his love of the Fuji XF35mm lenses.

Here is Georgios's X-pert 53.

1. What Genre Of Photography Do You Specialise In?

Because photography has to do with how you feel the things around you I shoot whatever brings inspiration to me. Mainly I am branching out into the fields of fine art, environmental, glamour and portrait style photography. utilizing novel and elaborate lighting techniques, mainly natural light.

2. Why Do You Like Using The XF35mm Lenses?

I love the 53mm equivalent as it is one of my favourites for my all around work and closest to the view angle of the human eye. Fujifilm had made a great job with these lenses for their wide open performance, their minimum distortion and close focus distance.

3. What Do You Like Photographing The Best With Your XF35mm Lens/Lenses? Why Your Choice?

I shoot all kinds of things but mostly street portraits.

Why Your Choice?

It’s smaller and lighter than the other xf lenses like the 23mm, 56mm and 90mm, which is more friendly for my subjects especially strangers, the homeless and older people. Extremely sharp, great bokeh and I can play with different perspectives without the fear of compression.   

4. Do You Shoot Professionally With The XF35mm Lenses?

Yes I shoot professionally with my 35mm. Editorial and catalogue. 

5. Fuji XF35mm F/1.4 Or Fuji XF35 F/2? Why Your Choice?

I prefer the 1.4. 

Why Your Choice?

Both are very, very nice lenses . The f/2 has the advantage of WR, a bit faster autofocus, smaller and lighter but I need the f1.4 aperture especially indoors and even at f1.4 its pin-sharp.

6. How Often Do You Reach For Your XF35mm Lens/Lenses?

I use my 35mm pretty often and when I want to take a walk, it's my first choice.

7. Could You Live With Just An XF35mm Lens In Your Photography Bag?

If my main work had to do with photojournalism and street photography and if Fujifilm had only this I could ...but for my main work I need several environmental lenses. All Fujifilm lenses are magnificent so they don't let you have only one choice.

8. Do You Like To Use Available Light Or Studio Light With Your XF35mm Lens/Lenses?

I prefer working with natural light and the f1.4 aperture helps me a lot, especially indoors.

9. What Fuji-X Camera Body Do You Prefer To Use The XF35mm Lenses On? Why Your Choice?

XT1. It’s my first option.

Why Your Choice?

With this body I have complete control of everything, excellent EVF and with the combination of 35mm f1.4 it's as fast as I want for street, urban and studio photography. And when is high ISO is needed, the grain is fantastic.

10.Do You Have Any Favourite Photographs Using The XF35mm Lenses?

Yes, you will see several during the interview.

11.Finish This Line: The Fuji XF35mm Lenses Are…

…stellar, great value and a must have for all Fuji users.