Damien Lovegrove

X-Pert 53 Interview


Damien Lovegrove Is A UK Fujifilm X-Photographer Situated in nailsea near Bristol. 

Damien is as near to a superpower in the world of Fujifilm photography as you can get. Renowned for being one of the world's most influential contemporary photographers, he has built up an outstanding team of staff that help make Lovegrove Photography the success it is today. Damien is a teacher as well as a phenomenal visionary and leads workshops on lighting as well as on his signature photography genres of beauty and boudoir photography. He has an unparalleled understanding and eye for capturing people at their best, in particular females, producing artistic as well as professional finishes. I am so thrilled that he has agreed to take on the X-pert 53 Interview and couldn't be happier with what he has shared about his insights into the Fuji XF35mm f/1.4 lens. Ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to present Damien Lovegrove at 53mm. 

Here is Damien's X-pert 53.

1. What Genre Of Photography Do You Specialise In?

I photograph people of all shapes and sizes, from all backgrounds and for all reasons. I spent 10 years as wedding photographer, 5 years as a portrait photographer and the past 5 years as an educator running workshops around the world for other photographers.

2. Why Do You Like Using The XF35mm Lenses?

It's simple, lightweight and super sharp. I use it wide open at f/1.4 most of the time as it renders the background just out of focus, but still retains enough detail to add narrative to the photograph.

3. What Do You Like Photographing The Best With Your XF35mm Lens/Lenses? Why Your Choice?

I like to photograph mid-shot to mid-close-up shots of people, however I will capture wider scenes with it too.

Why Your Choice?

When I photograph a mid-close up of someone using the 35mm lens I have a close proximity to them, and it’s as if I can reach out and touch the person in front of me. That intimacy adds to the photograph in the same way that, back in the day, Rolleiflex cameras and the Hasselblad 500cm with the 80mm lens was the standard choice of portrait photographers. I too find it to be excellent and intimacy is a characteristic of the field of view that these lenses share when used for head shots.

4. Do You Shoot Professionally With The XF35mm Lenses?

Yes. It’s my most used lens and it gets used for about 30% of the photographs that I take. I use it alongside 5 other primes to photograph people.

5. Fuji XF35mm F/1.4 Or Fuji XF35 F/2? Why Your Choice?

The 1.4 is what I use.

Why Your Choice?

There are so many situations where the F2 just wouldn’t get the shot. That extra stop is vital, plus the look of the pictures the lens creates at 1.4 is just fantastic.

6. How Often Do You Reach For Your XF35mm Lens/Lenses?

30% of the time.

7. Could You Live With Just An XF35mm Lens In Your Photography Bag?

Probably, although I might choose the 23mm instead if I was only allowed one lens. I’d ditch the Fuji interchangeable lens cameras and just shoot with a Fuji x100t with a 23mm lens. This would be smaller, lighter and a neater package as its a smaller lens camera combination, and therefore creates less of an obstruction between myself and the people I’m photographing.

8. Do You Like To Use Available Light Or Studio Light With Your XF35mm Lens/Lenses?

I use everything - flash, continuous light, available light, sunlight, every type of light. Light is my principle creation tool and if no wonderful light exists, then I make my own.

9. What Fuji-X Camera Body Do You Prefer To Use The XF35mm Lenses On? Why Your Choice?

Fuji X-T2.

Why Your Choice?

The Fuji X-T2 is the camera for me. The locks, dials and controls are all in the right place and exactly as I’d like them. The EVF is bright and sharp and the two-way tilting screen is an absolute must - something I couldn’t live without now.

10.Do You Have Any Favourite Photographs Using The XF35mm Lenses?

Yes, sure. Have a look at the ones that I have included.

11.Finish This Line: The Fuji XF35mm f/1.4 Lens is… 

...at the heart of the Fuji-X system, and the reason I bought into it in the first place.