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Saturday 2nd September 2017

Greetings 53mmers.

I really hope you have all had a great Summer.

Mine has been a wonderful time spent with family exploring new places and visiting fond familiar ones too. It's also been a season recorded with just my XF35mm F/1.4 lens, with my XF18mm F/2 staying put in my dry box.

Judging from all of your posts, you have all had a great Summer too. The calibre of posts just gets better and better and the inspiration oozing from them is potent. Thank you.

It has also been a time for new ventures for 53mm and I am so excited by the first ever collaboration and what a collaboration. I have been in conversation with Fujifilm Nordic about teaming up and producing something very special for both the 53mm and Fujifilm Nordic Communities. Both our Instagram feeds announced our tag team today and all I can say is stayed tuned to find out more over the coming week. The giveaway is an XF35mm F/2 WR lens. This really is going to be a fun and exciting venture.


I cannot thank Fujifilm Nordic enough for this opportunity. Happy doesn't even cut it.

Can I also take this opportunity to say thank you to the Community for all your continued support and championing of the 53mm initiative. 5K followers is a truly amazing milestone and this whole adventure just gets better and better. I can't say thank you enough.

Have a great read everyone.

Inspiration is the Intention. Always.



The Usual A5P3CTS

12x53 Rounds 10. Lifestyle Photography.

The tenth round of the 12x53 Photo of the Month competition ended with a superb gallery of XF35mm lifestyle shots that would truly inspire anyone interested in using the XF35mm lenses in this way. I cannot thank everyone enough for posting their best 53mm shots. The spread and the versatility was yet again highly commendable. Congratulations to our winner KC Lin, who in fact has 2 winning shots to his name because he also produced the top shot in the Street Round presided by Fujifilm X-Photographer, Rinzi Ruiz. I also want to take this opportunity to congratulate KC further, as he has recently been appointed an Official Fujifilm X-Photographer himself for the Fujifilm Taiwan division. 53mm are immensely pleased for you KC and your appointment is well deserved. Looks like there maybe a new X-pert 53 Interview in the making. Thank you again to Namour Filho for his kind presiding of this round, he chose a great set of winning shots. 

Please visit the specific pages in the main menu to see KC's winning shot in its full glory.

 Round 10 Lifestyle round winning shot by KC Lin, chosen by Fujifilm X-Photographer Namour Filho

Round 10 Lifestyle round winning shot by KC Lin, chosen by Fujifilm X-Photographer Namour Filho

12x53 Rounds 11. Travel Photography.

Round 11 is well under way under the watchful, expert eye of Bokehmoster Sven Schroeter. Please visit his judging page for a superb set of tips to inspire you to take better travel shots. We are really looking for to seeing what amazing photographs have been taken this Summer season. Competition closes on the 1st of October 2017. Sven will then announce his winner and 3 runners up.

53mm instagram Galleries

I truly believe that we have the most comprehensive gallery of shots taken with the Fuji XF35mm lenses on Instagram. I'd like to say, with confidence, that what is being built is also one of the best on the internet. Period. The gallery really does support the versatility of the XF35mm lenses and the 53mm FOV, in fact they celebrate them too wouldn't you agree? Being inspired by others is just a very quick input away. So far 53mm has the following galleries to offer anyone who is interested in discovering or searching for influential shots by both Fujifilm X-Photographers and amateur enthusiasts alike

Please click on the links to visit each specific gallery:

53mm website Gallery Call

I am still updating the inspirational galleries on the 53mm website so if anyone would like to contribute a photo for one of the galleries, then please email me a copy of it stating which gallery they would like to see it part of. That way I can comfortably add it to the existing shots and begin to build those galleries further. The email address to use is:


Please state who you are and your Instagram name so that I can add it to your gallery shot, thus making a link to your Instagram feed for others to view additional work from yourselves. If you wanted to say hi as well then that would be swell too.

Thank you to those that have replied to this gallery call. Your photos will be added.

Please visit the 53mm Galleries to see the categories to add your shot to and I'll look forward to hearing from you.

So What Can You Expect This Month?


The Before the Camera series continues with a look into the thought processes of inspired professional photographers before they press that shutter release button.

Acclaimed photographer David duChemin is the latest photographer to grace the series with a stunning shot and a great brief explaining it's origin. The reason I am so excited about David agreeing to submit an entry to this project is because he is the project's inspiration. I was blown away by his video series After the Camera and following its completion began to think about the notion of exploring the other end to the creative spectrum, the creative journey before the shot. David delivers a perfect submission and I couldn't be happier with it. 



X-pert 53 Interviews

Taking the X-pert 53 Interview, we have the honour of welcoming Fujifilm X-Series enthusiast photographer AND triple Olympic gold medal winning rower Pete Reed OBE.

In his interview, we follow Pete on a recent trip to Budapest where all he took with him was his Fujifilm X-T2 and XF35mm F/2 WR lens.

As always, his answers are accompanied by a collection of  XF35mm lens shots and these examples are outstanding in their style, delivery, versatility and aesthetic prowess. You couldn't help but be inspired by these photographs.

53mm Featured Photographer

In the 53mm Featured article, I share his work of _53mm_ Instagram follower and Instagram renowned, Kudo Bass (@kudo_bass), exploring her use of the 53mm FOV through her inspired street photography. 

Kudo has submitted a stellar series of shots and what is fascinating is that she has only been shooting the 53mm FOV for 10 months.

I couldn't be happier with her contribution and hope you are as inspired as I am with her collection.


Photo Apr 02, 4 03 06 PM.jpg


This Webzine sees Bane Visnjic share his stunning use of the XF35mm lenses in the various ways that he does.

He has a remarkable monochromatic style and one cannot help but be impressed but also inspired by them. He also takes us to the red carpet and submits a collection of shots of a few people you may have seen from time to time.

His 5ERI3S is a great addition to this project.


Why 5ERI3S?

Just to recap, the aim of the 5ERI3S project is to invite you to submit a series of 53mm shots in sequence, that either carry a particular narrative or showcase an occasion or express something that is personal to you. It is open to ALL 53mm followers and to stand a chance at being one of the chosen photographers, please email me your shots and an explanation of what you have captured and any other information that may present more context to your work. The 53mm IG feed is superb at celebrating single 53mm shots. However, I thought it time to provide a platform for anyone wanting to share more of their work but work that is in succession. How inspiring would that be? To see the photos that aren't shared that may be part of a story being told. The words will be yours as will your photos so if you feel you have a story, a point of view or a passion to share, then please get in touch. I would love to hear from you. It will be an initiative that will be updated fortnightly so that the website isn't just a monthly visit for you all. I'm really excited by this and if you are too, then please email me. I'd still love to hear from you and be partner in your intent and vision and thank you to those who have.



It was a huge privilege to be asked by Tomash Trzebiatowski to contribute to the December edition of the Fujilove magazine. That this small idea we share is making some ever so slightly larger ripples in the photographic world, certainly in Planet Fujifilm and I am so happy about that. 

The fabulous issues just keep on coming so if you would like to pick up your copy of this and the most recent magazine, click on the picture of the front cover, subscribe, download, sit down in that comfy chair, pour yourself a good cuppa, relax and read.




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Featured below are products that 53mm holds in very high regard and encourages you to take a look to see how they could enhance your journey with your XF35mm lenses. Click on each image to be taken to the respective homepage.

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