Colour Event


The 53RD COLLECTIVE: Bill Brussard

“Color could give rise to sensations which would interfere with our conception of space.” – Georges Braque  


 “Color event” photography is an addiction of mine. 

Lately I have been exploring the neighborhoods’ in my new home town Seattle. Often I feel like a kid in a candy store looking forward to the next treat just around the corner.  Bold, pure, in your face, sweet color is what I crave.

Often it catches my eye from down the block, or other times it’s just not apparent until you approach on tip toe. But the rewards can be delicious.

Using my TCL-x100 teleconverter on my Fujifilm x100t, my camera's field of view narrows. Now I can isolate and emphasize elements within the frame to specific advantage. I can now use shape, geometry, and color for better graphical intent.