PROCES53S is a brave move away from the concrete focus on the 53mm FOV.

The main intent of the 53mm initiative, as you may well know, is inspiration. At the time of writing, there have been well over 31,000 inspirational XF35mm shots hash tagged to the Instagram feed. That is a staggering amount and it increases daily. One cannot help but be inspired, motivated, encouraged by this vast array of images using the Fujifilm 53mm FOV. These photographs reveal to us all what happened at the point of capture. What we saw right at that instant when the shutter button was depressed. After it, through post processing, if not SOOC, we then add a little je ne sais quoi to boost the experience or highlight a particular area for the viewer to focus on and get what we intended to celebrate or reveal. Here, we share what we see beyond the camera and these final products can then enlighten and inspire others to see, to visit somewhere new, to change the way they visualise or compose their work in order to maybe improve their way of shooting or offer an alternative method of getting that shot. 

But what about before the shot? 

What about all those emotive or decisive thoughts that flood our creative minds before we grab the camera and record that still that can mean so much to us? Why do we take the shots that we do, for personal or collective reflection or celebration? Why is that moment special?

What processes do we engage in ahead of taking that moment?

This is what PROCES53S is all about and is a new attempt at broadening the 53mm maxim, Inspiration is the Intention, by asking some of the best visionaries to share their thought processes before taking their photographs. Maybe this would inspire us all to capture our moments differently and thereafter add your je ne sais quoi in a new and metamorphosed way?

The move away from the 53mm FOV is an attempt to free our guest photographers to choose an image that matters rather than being pigeonholed into the 53mm box. This is purely about inspiration in its rawest sense and not fulfilling a brief under a set and sometimes stifling criteria. Here the lid is lifted to any camera, any lens, any brand, any moment in life. 

Here, the process is paramount. But...

Inspiration is still the Intention.

Banner page photograph is used with kind permission from Charlene Winfred