5ERI3S is based around an invitation to submit a collection of 53mm shots in sequence, that either carries a particular narrative or showcases an occasion or expresses something that is personal to the photographer.

With them, will be an explanation of what has been captured and any other information that may present more context to the work. The 53mm IG feed is superb at celebrating single 53mm shots, however, it's high time that a platform be provided for those wanting to share more of their work but work that is in succession. In doing this, the hope is that inspiration is increased to a greater degree for the viewer and audience. 

If you would like to submit a 5ERI3S, then please use the email below to contact me and tell me about what your 5ERI3S entails and I'd be more than happy to consider your collections of XF35mm photographs.


Banner page photograph is used with kind permission from Jesper Jensen