53mm Featured by Iain Palmer

Christian Cross Is A Self Taught Photographer, specialising in Street Photography Based In London, UK.

What strikes me most about Christian's photography is that he knows his environment. He knows it intimately. Knowing where, how and when to shoot it. For some, this might be obvious seeing as he exclusively shoots his street photography in London, but London isn't a small place nor just a walk in the park. It is vast and whether you are a resident or not you still need to know how to capture it. I guess for photographers adept in this particular genre the place you shoot needs to be some sort of friend and it's a friend you frequently need to visit and explore and get to know.

There are many X-Photographers, some who share they work with the 53mm IG feed, who have done just that and have worked hard to become well versed in the territory that they choose to shoot. Doing this, they then understand it and are at one with it if one were to get all philosophical about it, and as a result they both become accustomed to each other, working together in partnership to bring the best out of each other.

Monochrome is the main palette that Christian shoots in and he utilises the 53mm FOV remarkably well to capture his everyday shots of the people he frequents or discovers for the first and last time or the landscapes kissed by the London's light. His gallery of shots on his IG feed is a great documentary account of how London lives in this day in age. The contrast that he applies to his work sometimes makes the shadows deep and bold and highlights sharp and crisp, aesthetically producing dramatic light photographs like that of X-Photographer, Rinzi Ruiz. His silhouetted shots are superb. Whilst one the other hand and depending on the mood he wants to convey, he can then shoot softer tones to compliment the street portraits he often takes. Christian has a great eye for black and white photography.

Throughout his repertoire and certainly in the shots that he has very kindly submitted for this feature, his compositions always have an action or a visual verb that helps tell a story about the place, person or observation taken. These can be subtle or in your face obvious, but they help to enhance the beautifully taken XF35mm shots that he records.

They are not just images that capture a still moment but rather they possess something within the frame that showcases and celebrates gestures and motions, decisions and dialogue. You can't help but wonder what it is or has or is about to go on in his photographs and I thoroughly enjoy this unique aspect about his work. His images also capture more than the aesthetic as you are often bombarded with the sounds, the noise and the hustle and bustle of London making his work an experience in themselves when viewing them.

I couldn't be happier that Christian agreed to be apart of 53mm in this way and I couldn't urge you enough to visit his IG feed and see for yourself a photographer literally at home in his art.

When asked to share his thoughts on using the XF35mm lenses in his photography, this is what Christian had to say:

Hi, my name is Christian Cross and I am a self taught amateur photographer with a Fuji camera and a passion for street photography. Born in London, I grew up in (Peckham), where most people would avoid because of its reputation, but I must say I wouldn’t have become the man of passion and drive that I am today if I didn’t go through challenges that life brought my way. So from the moment I picked up my first camera till this very same day, I am determined to capture London’s street life and diversity of many nationalities that roam through our Welcoming Streets of London .
It all started just under three years ago, when I went on a EyeEm's photowalk, (EyeEm- for people that don’t know is a photo sharing app.) It was on this day in Shoreditch that I got my first taste of street photography and since then I haven’t stopped and have been hooked ever since. It was there that I first started with a 35mm on a entry level Nikon d3200.
I soon brought myself a fuji x-T1 with a 35mm f2 lens and for me, something just felt so right, I knew from this moment that I was always going to use a Fuji, and have done till this day. I think I have what they call GAS syndrome (haha) because when the X-Pro2 came out I preordered it straight away. Such a beautiful looking camera and I’ve always been a fan of rangefinder style camera's, so this suited me perfectly.
So for the past year, from the start of 2016 till today, this has been my go to camera with the 35mm f2 lens and what an amazing combination it is.
At the 35mm focal length, which is so versatile, and having the f2 lens which is fast to auto focus, it really helps for street photography.
My style of photography is all about capturing the moment, the moment of everyday life and emotions on the streets of the beautiful city of London.