53mm Featured by Iain Palmer

@f_carlsson Is Fredrik Carlsson, A Photographer From Stockholm.

I really look forward to seeing Fredrik's shots on the _53mm_ Instagram; to see what visual sensation he will come up with next. He's a photographer after my own heart in his style and intent. For me, he is an amazing visionary.

The graphical take he sometimes exhibits in his photography is something that strikes a chord with me as it is one of my favourite ingredients to look for in shots and images and Fredrik has an accomplished skill at utilising it. Fredrik has proven to be a firm favourite amongst other 53mm followers too, who, like me, have shown an appreciation of his 53mm point of view. And rightly so.

In both colour and black and white photography, Fredrik demonstrates a seasoned approach to capturing quality images. His street photography possesses an abundant joie de vivre, and it is this enjoyment that permeates through his work, accentuating the appeal and the heightening the aesthetics. All of his shots carry a definite signature, easily recognisable to himself. It is no wonder that he was runner up in the inaugural 12x53 Photo of the Month round judged by Jonas Rask.

If I were to choose 3 photos from the wide selection of shots Fredrik has shared on 53mm that best sum up his aesthetic perspective, these would be my choice:

1. That Runner up from the 12x53 Photo of the Month competition shot.

I needn't say any more about this shot. Jonas Rask said it all,

"The fantastic minimalist composition and tight contrast makes this shot. The mixture of hard non-organic lines with the softer curves of the living seagul gives great life to the image. Very great image!"

2. That Guard shot.

With a regal presence and charm that would match the grace found on that of the finest renaissance art piece, this impressive shot uses space and colour to both dramatic and almost poetic effect. The poise of the guard echoes the shots feel and everything about the photo says striking; compositionally, meticulously and narratively. Superb.

3. That Wrong Way shot.

A favourite on the 53mm feed and the one shot that sums up Fredrik's creativity, intelligent intent and patient vision perfectly. A very clever content suggestive of a witty pun and executed with class and style. 

Fredrik has a brilliant 53mm eye and an understanding to employ his field of view's versatility wonderfully. I was delighted that he agreed to be featured and it's a joy to discover more about his insights into the 53mm FOV. When asked to share his thoughts, this is what he had to say:

Hi. My name is Fredrik, just an amateur with a camera and a passion of photography.
I remember the first time I played with a camera. It was the end of the 70's with the family’s Agfamatic 2000 pocket, with those flashcubes on top. Felt like a spy running around with that little camera. But it took many years from that, until I got hooked on photography.
I started with a Canon system in the beginning of 2000 and bought bigger, better and heavier gear as the years passed. And as the camera bag got bigger, the photos became fewer and fewer. In the end I stopped bringing my camera all together.
It took a long time until I got my passion back and picked a camera back up again. And it was thanks to Fujifilm.
When it came out in 2014, I bought the Fujifilm X-T1 with XF 35mm f1.4. And Oh my God! This lens is super sharp. The small form factor with the retro look suits me well. And this kit never left my side.
Two years later, and now i have upgraded to a new everyday carry. The X-PRO 2 with a XF 35mm f2. A match made in heaven. This lens with its small size, weather resistance, fast focus and sharpness quickly became my favorite. I get so many compliments when I’m walking through Stockholm with this around my neck. This ”nifty fifty” is made for the street!
My style of photography is really mixed. I just shoot what I see. But I have a passion for the streets, and I really want to be better at street photography. To freeze those decisive moments. And the field of view of the 53mm is in my opinion perfect for a walk around lens.