53mm Featured by Jarrod Pimental

During the first week of August I took my wife and 3 kids to upstate New York for a 6 day vacation. This is a small glimpse of our trip through the Fujinon XF35mm lens mounted on an FUJIFILM X-Pro2.

photo1: Our chariot, a bus I converted to an RV a few years ago.  A tank compared to normal RV's on the road, we love this vehicle and consider it a 6th member of the family.

photo2.  The sights of the road.  The trip was started with a 6 hour drive across Massachusetts and to the middle of New York state, towards the Finger Lakes region.  

photo3.  Our first stop was Watkins Glen State Park, a very family friendly gorge with easy walking trails.  I'm sure this old couple just finished the hike to the top.

photo4.  Family photo op!  This is the very first thing you see when you pull into the state park and they had to pose for the camera.

photo5.  Perfect lighting walking into the gorge.

photo6.  Watkins Glen has plenty of water falls.

photo7.  Great spot to hike during the dog days of summer, quick and easy cool down spots are all over the park.

photo8.  Watkins Glen is great but the road awaits, a few more hours of driving and a truck stop sleepover are coming our way.

photo9.  Getting an early start on the road today, a few more hours west.

photo10.  We stopped for a meal in a small town, homegrown and quaint, very friendly area.  Here is a great little theater that was playing Alice in Wonderland.

photo11.  Fully operational pay phone.  Very rare here.

photo12.  Some texture found while walking these quiet streets.

photo13.  We spent the rest of the day exploring a corn maize into the sunset.

photo14.  We spent a few days camping at Darien Lake Campground and Theme park.  Great place, better deal.  Right in corn farming land west New York.

photo15.  Shot from the "worlds tallest ferris wheel"

photo16.  The scrambler.

photo17.  The park money maker, games you cant win because the prizes aren't worth winning.

photo18.  Count down to the laser light show.

photo19.  My son enjoying the fire he built and lit himself.

photo20.  S'mores, cliche all the way at this campsite.

photo21.  Early morning coffee and we head out on the road again for some more gorges.

photo22.  Taughannock Falls State Park, of course we visit during the driest summer in years.  Still an impressive 215ft drop.

photo23.  The long road home. 


Thanks for looking along on our trip.