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@miliisiliisi Is Maiju-Liisi, A Photographer From Helsinki, finland.

I first came across Maiju's photography with a shot that she took in Istanbul, Turkey. It was of a series of figures who were descending a series of steps. This may seem very simple in nature but the photo was rich in contrast and due to the nature of the angle the shot was taken in, the perspective was very appealing. The use of her monochromatic palette was well manipulated too and the application of shadow and tonality throughout lifted the shot giving great depth and dimension. It was a pleasure to repost her vision, after feeling elated over her agreeing her permission to do so.

Following on from that, 53mm was graced with a series of shots that continued to showcase Maiju's eye for capturing intriguing moments on the streets to which some frequented and roamed during her travels. One such was an inspired shot of a park. Again, gorgeously contrasty and tonality beautifully captured, especially in the trees that dominated the real estate of the park itself. 

Not only was it noticed that her use of black and white photography was inspired but her practice of colour photography was also well exercised. 

In this photograph the backdrop of the buildings littering the horizon is what made this shot so appealing. The collage of colour and the pale blue canvas that they lie upon heightens their potency and neutralises the spread of hue throughout the scene. Maiju creates photographs with charm and narrative that enables the viewer to interact with the photos captured, emotionally and inquisitively and the majority of what she takes is with her XF35mm f/2 lens and the Fuji X-T10. 

It's been a sheer pleasure showcasing her work and after asking Maiju to discuss her work and her use of the Fuji XF35mm lenses, this is what she wanted to share with 53mm:

I have always loved photography. It’s been a part of my life ever since I was a child, and I took my first pictures with my father’s analog camera. For me, the ability to capture moments and to tell stories trough images is what has kept me hooked into photography through all my life.
I started out with an analog 35mm camera when I was around 6 years old. Later when digitalization of cameras started I moved on to DSLR-cameras. For many years a mainly used zoom lenses, which were popular at the time. Using these big and heavy DSLR:s and its zoom lenses for many years I started to feel that something from the thrill of taking pictures with my analog camera was missing. It was quite hard to point out what it was, but I didn’t enjoy taking pictures anymore as I used to do. Then, when I finally was introduced the mirrorless Fujifilm system I felt a spark of hope inside of me, that maybe there’s something here that could awake the wonderful thrill of taking pictures again.  It didn’t take long, and I was convinced that this will revive my photography, and I bought myself a X-T10 with the XF 18mm and 35mm f2 lenses.
I immediately fell in love with this system and have been taking more pictures than ever before. This is also because now I finally have camera system that I can take with me anywhere. Due to the small size and discreet appearance I also started taking more pictures of streets and people. As a person who loves people and stories I was immediately inspired by streetphotography.  I felt like a child on Christmas when I discovered this new ability.
For street photography I use almost only the XF 35mm f2 lens. It’s fast, silent, light and small, accurate, weather sealed, sharp and has an excellent micro contrast. I also think that this focal length gives the perfect field of view for my style of street shots. On the streets, the 50mm equivalent focal length creates a good harmony between the object and the background that I like. It’s also a very natural focal length so that it doesn’t distort the perspective much. 

Iain Palmer

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