53mm Featured by Iain Palmer

@byannaelisabeth is A Photographer From stockholm, sweden.

53mm exists for photographers like Anna Elisabeth and in the same breath, it is photographers like Anna that make it what it is. Throughout the journey that she has shared with the 53mm Instagram feed, Anna has introduced us to the start of her relationship with the 53mm FOV and thereafter her continued journey of documenting the explorations, considerations, experiments and triumphs that her and her camera have made. It's been an absolute pleasure being able to partake in her photographic voyage of discovery, to subtly coin the phrase.

What has impressed me most with Anna and her 53mm photography is her understanding and employment of the XF35mm f/1.4 lens. She has such a superb comprehension of its character and feature set and when to fully utilise them to produce the magic that the lens affords. To me, her photography has a signature to it, that in such a short span of time, is a great achievement. When Anna uses the beautiful f/1.4 aperture in the unique way that she does, it is so noticeable and distinctive that one cannot help but immediately put the name to the shot. This goes as far to say that the compositions, vantage points and environments Anna takes are all envisaged with the 53mm FOV in mind. It takes a trained eye to be able to do this and as the great Zack Arias suggests, that when purchasing a new lens, it should be a photographers staple diet for at least 6 months to a year so that ones sight can be educated to see exactly how that lens sees. Anna is a model student in this regard as her work is always is of high aesthetic quality, wonderfully demonstrating this well versed dietary regime.

Anna's photography crosses over many different photographic genres and styles, truly probing the versatility that the XF35mm lenses have to offer. These five photographs, however, speak more to me of her signature approach to using the XF35mm f/1.4 and thus heralding her stamp on the 53mm FOV. 

Those that use the XF35mm f/1.4 will most certainly agree that why have a lens like this and not use it for the main, wide open. It has unbelievable scope and ability to render images with such striking detail, with that magic that only this XF lens inhibits, all the while producing that remarkable bokeh that is so 'buttery-creamy-dreamy' that one cannot help but fall in love with it. Anna's examples validate all of the above. What they also celebrate is the superb close focusing ability of the XF35mm f/1.4 lens too. So if there was ever to be a text book photo for this lens, then I think one if not all of these would stand a good chance at holding such an accolade.

It goes without saying that I was so grateful that Anna agreed to be a 53mm Featured photographer. I very much look forward to seeing what Anna will produce next as well as seeing where her camera and preferred lens will take her or more specifically, what they will see next. Judging by all of the shots that she has so very kindly contributed, 53mm is in store for some real treats and I can't wait to indulge in more of her 53mm delights.

This is what Anna had to say when I asked her to comment on her thoughts and explorations with the XF35mm lenses:

My name is Anna and I am currently living in Stockholm after almost 20 years spent in various locations across Europe. Ever since I got my first analogue compact camera at the age of 11, I have enjoyed capturing moments and sceneries. The analogue compact became a digital compact, then followed several smartphones and in April this year I finally decided to buy myself a "real" camera...
It was early summer when I finally found a second hand 35mm f1.4, and ever since, this has been my preferred lens. Together with my X-E2s it fits perfectly into my handbag. The Fujifilm design that give me all the important settings at my fingertips, in combination with the 53mm ekvivalent FOV, which matches the way I see the world, allows me to immediately shoot things that capture my attention, and translate my emotions into an image, regardless whether it is street scenes, amazing landscapes or even catching the aurora borealis.
Being very new in the field of photography, I am learning every day, and I love exploring different fields. I am especially looking forward to revisiting places I have called my home and come to love with my 35mm f1.4, as it will perfectly support me in expressing my feelings for these varied and poignant locations.