Photo of the Month Competition

12 months in the 53 fOV

Starting in August 2016, _53mm_ will be holding a monthly competition to find the best XF35mm Instagram posts. Each monthly competition will be focused on a specific photographic theme or genre and will be judged by an expert in that particular field. 53mm has been fortunate to enlist the virtuoso help of 12 Fujifilm X-Photographers who will be your judges for each round. Each will endeavour to find the best photograph from each competition, which will then be exhibited on the 53mm website along with a brief photographic review written by each judge commenting on why it was the chosen one.

Terms and conditions

There aren't many of these but these specific rules apply to each competition:

  1. All photographs must be taken using an XF35mm lens, which must be hashtagged in each post.
  2. All entries MUST be from followers of the _53mm_ feed. If you are not a follower, you can't be a winner!
  3. Posts for each round begin at the start of each month and end at midnight of the last day of each month. The designated time zone for dates will be according to the Western European Summer Time zone UTC(+01:00). Entries posted before or after these specific dates will NOT be counted. Winners will be notified before the next monthly update of the 53mm website (before the 8th of the month).
  4. You can post as many entries as possible BUT each entry MUST be hashtagged with the specific competition hashtag so that posts can be easily identified and judged. These specific hashtags will be announced on both the _53mm_ Instagram feed and 53mm website before the start of each new competition.

Your judges

53mm is so grateful for the kind participation of the Fujifilm X-Photographers who will be judging each round. So that you know who they are and what they will be judging, here is your roster of judges. Click them and the link will take you to their judging page. Click again and you will then transported you to their website for insight and inspiration into their specialist area of photography.


Banner photograph is used with kind permission from Bill Brussard